Satori Family Wellness Center started with a mother (Annette) and daughters (Laurie and Chiemi) team dedicated to help others spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Through their compassionate service, love, and dedication to the Maui community and beyond, Satori Family Wellness Center has grown to now include both traditional and complementary services.

Our team of dedicated professionals and practitioners come from varied backgrounds that include: psychology, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, education, physical therapy, clinical supervision, cultural, spiritual and complementary healing modalities. Our compassionate care approach allows us to assist our clients on their journey to wellness by focusing on particular needs of the individual on mind, body, and spiritual levels. We are able to serve a wide range of ages from young children and adolescents to adults. Some of our services include: clinical supervision, counseling/consultation, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other complementary services.

Our team is passionate and committed to also serve healthcare/medical professionals, mental health providers, and other caregivers who offer so much service to our community! We offer regular events to further promote self care, prevention of burn-out, and enhance well-being.

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