Satori Family Wellness Center

Satori Family Wellness Center consist of a mother (Annette) and daughters (Laurie and Chiemi) team dedicated to help others spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  We have each been brought up with the value of providing loving and compassionate service and we dedicate our lives to this purpose.

How our business name Satori came about

Much love, attention, and inspiration was used to come up with our family business name.  We approached naming this family business as we would a precious new baby!  The name Satori was received through inspiration within the presence of Annette, Laurie, Chiemi, Malia and her ‘ohana.

We named our business Satori, after beloved husband and father — Stanley Satoru Omuro — who has led the way to our family’s spiritual growth and healing development.  The word Satori, is the feminine version of the Japanese name, Satoru, generally meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment.” As a tribute to this beloved spouse and father who has dedicated his life and helped many others towards greater “enlightenment,” greater health and wellness we named our family service practice, Satori Family Wellness Center!

Vision Statement:

The vision of Satori Family Wellness Center LLC is to offer loving, compassionate and transformational wellness services to clients to make them happier and healthier.

Mission Statement:

To support, empower, and enlighten individuals, families, organizations towards greater happiness and health through an offering of a variety of professional, cultural, and spiritual services. These may include consultations, classes, workshops, outreach events, individualized wellness programs, special services, and more.