Tao Healing Calligraphy Field

"During the TCHF meditation, I had two bursts of stress relief and then I was filled with beautiful peace. Mahalo! "


"Tonight's TCHF helped me with shifting my thoughts and mood. I was agitated (level 7) and even though I was late to join, within a few minutes my negative thoughts subsided and made space for calm positive thoughts to enter my mind. Hearing master Sha singing in the background helped a lot too with that shift in thoughts which lead to more relaxation and calmness (no longer agitated = level 0). I also noticed that I could lie on my back throughout the session without pain! Mahalo mahalo mahalo! "


"As a 79-year-old Sr. with osteoarthritis, who has recently attended over a month of traditional upper extremity Physical Therapy for severe wrist/hand injuries, I’d like to share the results of therapeutic movement and exercises in both settings. The traditional therapy definitely helped me improve wrist and hand mobility and strength and be more mindful of how I was holding and moving the affected joints and muscles. However, my experience in the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field sessions was so totally different, and more powerful. The Source Light Field transmitted through the calligraphy, permeated my entire body. As we connected with it at the Soul, Heart Mind and Body level, it brought heightened awareness from within to really connect with what was going on in many areas. The so helpfully guided practices and exercises helped me make needed adjustments, not just focused on current injuries, but integrating all areas. Before the session, I had a lot of tension in my body, stiffness in finger joints, and aches in my wrists, arms, knees and feet. After doing the practices within the Source Light Field’s positive and loving frequency and vibration, areas of aches and pain reduced. I felt so much more relaxed, am walking with a normal gait, and have greater flexibility in my joints. I have more feeling in my feet. Overall I feel a greater sense of Wellness, and empowered to better assist my healing. The Tao Calligraphy Healing Field is an amazing and powerful adjunct to whatever traditional therapies one is using to accelerate healing, to transform any aspect of life, or to maintain wellness. I am most grateful for the opportunities to access the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field and urge any and everyone to experience it for yourself! Heartfelt Thanks to Chiemi Ban, OT and Master Teacher of the Tao Academy, and to Maui Satori Family Wellness Center and Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha."


"Very powerful to stay conscious. Thank you so much. Da Gan En."


Tao Calligraphy

"It’s so amazing that I can see either physical or emotional issues and use the Tao Calligraphy for self-healing. After Tao Calligraphy practice I notice I become more energized. The classes have really trained my mind to a more positive mindset. In Tao Calligraphy class we also meditate and do practices which give me messages on what my writing is trying to tell me and how I can transform further. "


"Tracing Da Fu Wu corrections improved my service. Your writing and correcting clears blockages, aligns SQJ, opens hearts and more. The corrections are powerful blessings! Very grateful! Thank you!"


Tao Hands

"I worked with Katharine to prepare for the birth of my first child and I am so grateful for all of the unexpected positive shifts in my birth preparation as a result. As I prepared to give birth during a crazy time in the world with COVID-19, I was so grateful to have the support of the Tao Hands Blessings. Not only did I feel more prepared and empowered to deliver my baby, but Katharine's blessings also connected me to so many local support systems for motherhood and birth and I don't know what I would have done without them. "



"After having many huge changes in my life, I came to working with Dr. Laurie and didn't have many expectations. However, after working with Dr. Laurie for counseling and healing sessions regarding my personal and professional development for over a year, I am so grateful for the positive shifts in my life. I deeply value working with both western and eastern modalities and Dr. Laurie is able to draw upon expertise from so many different disciplines to enhance our sessions. I have no doubt that our work has made me a better person and supported so much development in my work and family life."


"Our daughter is a competitive athlete and was experiencing intense nervousness in the days leading up to competitions for quite some time. She would enthusiastically work hard all season, and then completely dread the days leading up to and including the championships. As parents, we figured it would eventually all come together, but her lack of confidence prior to big events persisted. We searched for tools to help her, researched online and read books, but it yielded little lasting success.  Then, the opportunity to work with Katharine arose and we embraced it. Our daughter loved her weekly sessions with Katharine and eagerly looked forward to each one. Katharine's warm, encouraging demeanor lifted our daughter's spirits and mindset about competing. She is now noticeably calmer and actually excited about competitions! Katharine's support and recommendations gave our daughter the confidence she needed to compete with courage. Katharine's counseling was incredibly positive and effective!"


"I was introduced to Satori Family Wellness Center through my daughter during this quarantine. Thankfully, this center offers online workshops which were able to help me during some personal issues. Thank you Laurie and Chiemi!"

Orange County, CA

"I was so honored to be drawn into the Tao Field of Da Hei Xie 4/17 with a little group of people while another group help space and traced for us. There was an immediate shift in my experience of tracing where I went from conditional love that was attempting to shift things according to my ideas of health (my tracing) to an unconditional love that accepted me exactly as I am while also penetrating deeply into any areas of pain and provide relief (the field tracing). I relaxed and breathed into the sensation of an open heart. Suddenly I saw an image and heard a message from my Shi Fo, she was tracing for me ! i knew that the saints in heaven are carefully watching and participating in the Master Sha retreats however I never imagined they would take the time and effort to trace for me. It was the most amazing feeling where my heart almost stopped to imagine and experience the humility and love of Heavens Servants. It felt like being with Master Sha's in a retreat surrounded 360 degrees by calligraphies and just floating in Presence. Thank you for this amazing moment which has opened another window of possibility for practice. Also for the power and significance of connecting with others during practice. I still cannot quite comprehend that we are so loved by Heaven, intimately, personally, and limitless."

Hawaii Island