Nourish, Heal, & Rejuvenate with Tao Healing Field (Level 1)

What is the Level 1 -Tao Calligraphy Healing Field (TCHF)

The Level 1 TCHF is a Tao Source Field created by special Tao Calligraphies written by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha – a world-renowned, soul leader, teacher, and healer. Tao Calligraphies carries the purest Shen Qi Jing (Shen-message/information, heart, consciousness; Qi -energy; Jing-matter) of Tao (Source) and Oneness.

Each of the Level 1 TCHF Calligraphies carries the positive messages, frequencies, and vibrations of the ten greatest qualities and natures that are the core and essence of Tao Source in order to transform and enlighten all life.

The 10 Greatest Qualities (10 Da) are as follows:

  1. Da Ai - Greatest Love
  2. Da Kuan Shu - Greatest Forgiveness
  3. Da Ci Bei - Greatest Compassion
  4. Da Guang Ming - Greatest Light
  5. Da Qian Bei - Greatest Humility
  6. Da He Xie – Greatest Harmony
  7. Da Chang Sheng – Greatest Flourishing
  8. Da Gan En – Greatest Gratitude
  9. Da Fu Wu – Greatest Service
  10. Da Yuan Man – Greatest Enlightenment

Because the Level 1 TCHF carries the pure, positive, and high frequencies, vibrations, and messages of the Tao Source, it is beyond powerful and effective for blessing health, nourishing relationships and finances, increasing intelligence, enlightening soul, heart, mind and body and for all aspects of life.

Significance and Power of Level 1 -Tao Calligraphy Healing Field (TCHF)

The significance and power of the Level 1 TCHF is to transform negative Shen Qi Jing into positive Shen Qi Jing to bless every aspect of life including:

  • Energy, stamina, vitality and immunity
  • Spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies
  • Relationships
  • Finances and business
  • Intelligence
  • Spiritual channels
  • Enlightening the soul, heart, mind, and body
  • Success in every aspect of life

In one sentence: Tao Calligraphy Healing Field is the Source treasure on Earth to transform all life.

How to experience the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field

The Level 1 - TCHF was previously only available in person, however, due to the recent COVID-19 situation, we are honored to webcast our Tao Calligraphy Healing Field sessions on Zoom. Our Master Teachers lead various movement and meditation practices during the one hour sessions to help one more deeply connect and receive the positive benefits of the TCHF.

Group Sessions

There are 4 regularly scheduled TCHF group sessions a week. Monthly plans (best value) or single session honorings are available.

  • Mon: 6-7 pm
  • Wed: 8:45 am
  • Fri: 5-6 pm
  • Sat: 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Private Sessions

You can also book a private session with one of the Master Teachers (*by availability).

Improved Health

“I love the TCHF! I truly believe it helps decrease my stress and improve my health. There was a short period where I was unable to attend regularly and I definitely felt the difference! My mind and body felt tired and sluggish, like I was not getting my spiritual/energetic bath! This experience made me value the TCHF even more not only for healing but also for prevention! I now prioritize my TCHF sessions and attend several times a week! I now feel more balanced, positive and productive despite my very busy schedule! After each session, my body and my heart feels lighter and I am able to do more tasks happily, gratefully, and more efficiently!”

L.O., Wailuku

Reduce Pain

“When I first started in the TCHF, I had a headache that was at a level 5. As I traced, changed, and meditated in the TCHF, my pain level went down. I could feel it go down to a level 4, then level 3, then finally to level 0 by the end of the session! THANK YOU!”

R.B., Kahului

No More Cramps

“The TCHF helped with my cramp. It was at a pain level 3 and now it is gone! Thank you!”

K.U., Kahului