Satori Wellness Program

Experience Transformation and Healing

Satori's Wellness Program is a multi-layered personally designed wellness experience based on an individuals needs. This program is designed to help change the message in your soul, heart, mind, and body which opens the way for positive change.

Wellness Plans

A wellness plan can consist of:

  • An initial personal consult with a Master Teacher or Advanced Practitioner
  • A month by month personalized plan that may consist of practices, classes, special services, and follow-up consultations to empower you and advance your success. A three-month plan may be most beneficial to experience progress
  • An end of each month assessment and recommendations for next phase of wellness journey!

Honoring Fees

Currently the honoring fees are individually based depending on client's need. The initial special monthly honoring fee starts at only $250 (Regular honoring fees $800+). Pricing varies on services received. Honoring fees with a Master Teacher may be slightly higher. There may be additional honoring fees for specialized consultations and services from other practitioners/providers not included in basic program offerings.

Please complete an intake form so we can best determine your needs:

This program includes:

  • Weekly 30-minute consult with assigned practitioner
  • Special Service Blessings to support transformation request
  • Monthly access to Tao Calligraphy Healing Field and a Tao Light Ball (special blessing) for an organ/body part
  • Access to Soul Wisdom and practices
  • Video access to self-practice sessions

*Flexible programs can be created based on client's income and need

*If you are a new/beginning client or student, we are happy and honored to offer our Introductory Satori Wellness Program as a GIFT!