Introductory Satori Wellness Program

Experience Transformation and Healing

Satori's Wellness Program is a multi-layered personally designed wellness experience based on an individuals needs. This program is designed to help change the message in your soul, heart, mind, and body which opens the way for positive change.

Program Benefits

  • Address the root cause of health imbalances and challenges
  • Learn powerful practices to release deep blockages
  • Boost energy, stamina, immunity and rejuvenate
  • Reduce chronic pain, stress, depression and anxiety
  • Transform negative thinking, behaviors and emotions that block health and happiness
  • Access your own inner healing power
  • Discover three golden keys to universal healing and apply healing secrets and wisdom to your daily life
  • Experience inner joy and inner peace that you did not think was possible
  • Be empowered, supported and guided to live the life you want

Introductory Level

The introductory program is designed to introduce our community to unique and powerful services, teachings, and practices that can benefit your health, happiness, and well-being. Complete our intake form so we can determine how best to serve you.

*If you are a new/beginning client or student, we are happy and honored to offer our Introductory Satori Wellness Program as a GIFT!

During the introductory program, you will be connected with one of our certified Tao Hands Practitioners. Our practitioners have varying backgrounds and specialties so we will link you with the one that may best serve your needs. Your practitioner will work with you on a personalized wellness program that may include:

  • A brief, personal intake and consult
  • Weekly sessions to receive Tao Hands blessings for one request
  • Follow-up check-ins
  • End of introductory month recommendations

As a new client or student, make sure you fill out the Intake Form so we can better assess your needs!

Intermediate and Advanced Level

*If you are an intermediate/advanced student, have learned basic practices, received Tao Hands blessing or have gone through the introductory program, you are ready to start the program with an initial consult to build your wellness plan. Click the button below for more information.