Receive a Personal Tao Calligraphy

Bring home a sacred healing treasure! Master Laurie Omuro-Yamamoto is authorized by Master Sha to create Tao Calligraphy for you. You can trace your calligraphy every day to activate the healing blessings within! Choose from among the following messages:

  • Da Ai (Greatest Love)
  • Da Kuan Shu (Greatest Forgiveness)
  • Da Ci Bei (Greatest Compassion)
  • Da Guang Ming (Greatest Light)
  • Da Qian Bei (Greatest Humility)
  • Da He Xie (Greatest Harmony)
  • Da Chang Sheng (Greatest Flourishing)
  • Da Gan En (Greatest Gratitude)
  • Da Fu Wu (Greatest Service)
  • Da Yuan Man (Greatest Enlightenment)

Not sure which one you’d like to receive? Master Laurie will be honored to check Divine Guidance on what’s best for you. Use the form below to request your personal calligraphy. Honor fees vary based on the size of the calligraphy. Shipping and handling additional.

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